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The Perry County Legal Self-Help Center is hosted by the public libraries located in Perry County. Please contact each library for their hours of operation.

Perry County Legal Information Locations  

Getting a Joint Simplified Divorce  [Text Only Version] Guide Me
Explains whether you can get a joint simplified divorce and how to do so

Changing Child Support Payments  [Text Only Version] Guide Me
Explains how to raise or lower your child support payments and give you the forms and instructions you will need.

I Am Being Sued for $10,000 or Less  [Text Only Version] Guide Me
This guide explains what you should do if you are being sued in small claims court.

Evicting a Tenant  [Text Only Version] Guide Me
Explains how a landlord can evict a tenant, along with sample notices, forms and instructions

I Am Being Sued for Mortgage Foreclosure  [Text Only Version] Guide Me
Information on what to do if you receive a foreclosure lawsuit.

Expunging Your Criminal Record  [Text Only Version] Guide Me
Explains how to expunge your criminal record and provides forms.

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Pinckneyville Public Library
312 South Walnut Street
Pinckneyville, IL 62274-1343
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DuQuoin Public Library
28 South Washington Street
DuQuoin, IL 62832-1396
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